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Netherlandish, circa 1630

Lamentation of Christ

Gilt bronze plaquette

Diameter: 9.4 cm

A contemporary cast, with a lathe-turned rear. Pierced at 12 o’clock
Dealer’s numbers on labels on the reverse:
1432, 99134

Feint writing in ink on the surface of the reverse, which seems to read:
Pillveg Francard

Other versions in bronze:
Santa Barbara, Art Gallery of the University, Morgenroth Collection (dia. 9.9 cm) (1), bearing a border with a wreath pattern; London, Victoria and Albert Museum (dia. 9.9 cm) bearing a border with a wreath pattern (2); Frankfurt, private collection (3).

Other version in silver:
Munich, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum (dia. 10.0 cm) bearing a border with a wreath pattern and Dutch control marks on the reverse (4).

Middledorf and Goetz’s statement that the Magdalene is almost identical to that in a high relief of the Lamentation by Antonio Caligari (1698-1777) in San Alessandro, Brescia (5) is incorrect. Her pose and facial type are substantially different and, unlike in the present plaquette, she is kissing Christ’s hand.

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2. Salting Bequest, formerly in the Spitzer Collection (inv. no. A494-1910). We are grateful to Norbert Jopek of the Victoria and Albert Museum, for the data on this cast.

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Lamentation of Christ

Netherlandish, circa 1630